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Entry #15

Possible New Laptop!~

2014-12-25 18:56:06 by Exilious

I think I might be getting a new laptop soon! This one to be exact:


I just want something cheap until I manage to get a minimum wage job. I turn 15 in May. Maybe it'll make getting a small Publix job easier. I dunno. If I do get this laptop, music making will be so much easier! Plus, I can play games at a better speed. My current laptop is undergoing some issues, and I'm finding it increasingly pointless to try and fix it. It was already broken for a few years until my dad fixed it for me. 

Well, I think it's time to move on! Oh, and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Hanukka, and Kwanzaa! Enjoy your day(s) guys! ^~^ 


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