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Trying My Hand In Something New

2014-11-16 15:44:09 by Exilious

Sup? Been awhile, eh?

Welp, I'm here with yet another update! I've been thinking lately that although music making is fun and all, I want to learn other things at the same time and broaden my horizons. I decided (after some thought and experimentation) that I want to try my hand in animation.

Now, now, it'll be nothing big and fancy such as 3D animation. Just simple 2D. For the most part it'll be just stickmen. I was inspired by the unique battles made by Terkoiz1. ----->

With that inspiration, I hope to become good at stickamn animation, and whatever I try in the future!

I posted my short little animation of a stick man doing some simple moves. He has no opponent because I haven't gotten to that point just yet. XD It's my first animation, so tear at it (constructively, of course)! :D


See you guys in the next update! ^~^


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2014-11-16 16:34:28

Go to my most recent news post. I've got links to some great tutorials, and a few other tips that might be helpful. Good luck! :)

Exilious responds:

Wow, thanks man! I really appreciate it! ^~^


2014-11-16 20:21:27

I like youre stick figure animations

Exilious responds:

Thanks man!