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Two New Songs In The Making!~

2014-10-20 11:08:31 by Exilious

Hey guys! I came here today to give you an update! I got two new songs on the way! The genres aren't exactly dubstep, but that doesn't really matter. XD One of them is like dance/techno and the other one is like trance, however it may turn into liquid dubstep.

In other news, I'm learning how to type without looking! I can type at a pretty good speed when looking, probably about 45 WPM. While that's okay, I figured I would want to learn how to type without looking, seeing as how I aspire to be a lawyer, and lawyers need to type fast!

Also, I'm going to start naming my songs in medical terms, such as, "Heartbeat, Brain, etc." I'm a "doctor" so I wanna keep that theme going.

That's all for now guys! Look out for those new songs and I'll see you guys in the next update! :D


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