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Dubstep Is On The Way!

2014-09-27 12:15:33 by Exilious

Heya guys! I came here with a small update to tell you guys I'm moving into dubstep now! I've put it off for awhile because I always thought of it as the hardest genre to pull off. Suprisingly enough, it's not that hard! I made a small loop named "Glitch Loop" where I test out my dubstep for the first time.

Ironically enough, the sub-genre I struggle the most in is one of my favorite, that being Techno. I'm not that good at it, but I seem to be okay in Dubstep.

Well, expect to see a song or another loop here and there within the next few weeks. I have school as well so I'm normally doing something, but I'll always find time for FL Studio. XD

Catch you guys in a little while! ^~^


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